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Thursday Cheese Curds: Redemption is at hand in Green Bay

The Packers have a chance to put past playoff defeats behind them this year

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49er Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

I think redemption is an overused storyline in sports, but it’s easy to see why it comes up again and again. “This guy/team played bad before, but can he/they play well this time?” is a simple way to introduce stakes, and you get an answer that’s easy to repackage for future storylines after the event at hand.

Redemption is at hand for quite a few Packers in this postseason journey. Aaron Jones’ last play of the 2020 season was a game-turning fumble. Davante Adams dropped a pass in the end zone, albeit on a throw that Aaron Rodgers surely would like to have back. Matt LaFleur made a questionable call concerning a field goal on the Packers’ final drive. Kevin King.

The path to redemption is clear: just win, baby. It doesn’t matter how they do it; if the Packers end this season as Super Bowl champs all the past shortcomings, while maybe not forgotten, will at least seem less painful in hindsight.

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