Roughing the passer comparison

So all this hullabaloo about Roughing the passer penalties got me thinking, who benefits from these calls the most? The stats I could find only go back to 2009, but Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the most calls per sack since 2009 at .202 times per sack. Followed by Josh Allen in 2nd and Mahomes in 3rd. Kirk Cousins comes in at 7th, Matt Stafford at 28th followed closely by Tom Brady in 29th among eligible players at .086 flags per sack. Rodgers comes in at 34th, tied with Russell Wilson, with .073 flags per sack. Peyton Manning was way down on the list with .042.

Generally the trend is younger players get the call more, which makes sense because they run around more so there is more opportunity, the rules have changed since the started which makes it more likely for them to have a higher number of flags, and guys like Brady just fall over instead of actually getting sacked to avoid unnecessary hits.

Where things get really interesting is when you look at playoff numbers compared to regular season. Obviously with a much smaller sample size the numbers are easy to get blown off kilter, but still:

Kurt Warner comes in first with a flag on both of his career playoff sacks. Tom Terrific though with ample playoff experience sees his number of flags per sack jump to .098. Rodgers rate drops to .037. In fact, every QB with more than 10 playoff games saw there number of flags per sack drop....except Tom Brady.

Drew Brees saw his rate of flags in the playoffs drop by over half a percent! As did Matt Ryan, with 9 playoff games.

Fun stuff.

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