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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Adversity is an opportunity for Matt LaFleur and company

The Packers haven’t faced many big challenges under Matt LaFleur, but that’s not the case this season.

NFL: New York Jets at Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

I think you could make a case that the Matt LaFleur-era Packers have never faced season-level adversity before.

The biggest problems in LaFleur’s tenure prior to this season have been basically game-by-game sorts of things. A bad road trip to Los Angeles to face the Chargers. A tough loss to the 49ers on national TV after a bye week. Getting hammered by the Buccaneers in Tampa. Those are all bad situations, to be sure, but a single game is easy to digest. You take your lumps, dust yourself off, and get back to work.

You could argue that the COVID-19 season in 2020 was a big dose of adversity, but it wasn’t anything that the rest of the league wasn’t dealing with, too, and in some ways I think it actually made things easier for the Packers. Their offense sure clicked at a high level when they didn’t have to contend with opposing crowds at all.

But this season feels different. There are serious issues on both offense and defense, and the rest of the Packers’ season, such as it is, will be defined by how they handle them. How confident should we be that LaFleur and company can fix what ails this team?

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The Packers’ offensive line got bludgeoned badly by the Jets. If that doesn’t get the message across, it’s not clear what will.

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What is the message being delivered? Royce Newman needs to sit. If it hasn’t come through clearly enough the past two weeks, what’s it going to take?

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Aaron Rodgers wants a simpler offense. Matt LaFleur doesn’t know what that means. Terrific vibes!

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How low will the Packers go? Lower and lower!

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Matt Ryan looked pretty bad early int he season, but he had a great game Sunday.

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I’ve seen stuff like this before, but it’s amazing every time.