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Friday Cheese Curds: Elgton Jenkins is a guard while Royce Newman is a liability

The right side of the offensive line needs some major changes. Will Matt LaFleur and Adam Stenavich do what is necessary?

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When there are issues with an NFL offense, it usually starts in one of two places: the offensive line or the quarterback.

The problems the Green Bay Packers are facing is a product of both although the issues with the former are definitely having an impact on the latter. Without solid protection, Aaron Rodgers can’t go through his progressions and properly read a defense. While his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired as well, a decent chunk of Rodgers’ poor performance can be traced to the offensive line.

Two players in particular are drawing criticism: guard Royce Newman and guard-turned-tackle Elgton Jenkins. The funny part is the solution to this problem is incredibly obvious yet the Packers have yet to make the change.

Simply put, Newman is not an NFL caliber starter while Jenkins was a Pro Bowl player at guard before tearing his ACL last year. Common sense therefore would indicate the fix is moving Jenkins back to guard, bench Newman, and star Yosh Nijman at right tackle. Nijman is a constant subject of praise from the coaching staff yet he sits on the bench while Newman gets routinely embarrassed and Jenkins doesn’t fare much better.

The Packers have to put their players into position to succeed if they want to be the offense they think they can be. Until then, they’re looking at a season once filled with so much hope get lost in a mess of their own making.

Moving Packers’ Elgton Jenkins back to guard could strengthen offensive line—

Anything that gets Newman off the field is a good plan. We also must consider Jenkins isn’t quite the same player he was before his injury but the Packers have to at least give him a chance to succeed at the position he was most successful at. It’s very simple.

Packers film room: A closer look at Royce Newman’s rough outing vs Jets—Packers Wire

If Newman is out there Sunday against Washington I have no clue what Matt LaFleur and company are seeing. If a remedial film guy like me can see Newman getting destroyed, surely they can as well.

Packers receiver Sammy Watkins working his way back—

The Packers need all the help at receiver they can get right now and while many of our fears about Sammy Watkins came true, at this point his return could be big.

Panthers trading RB Christian McCaffrey to 49ers in exchange for host of draft picks—

While the prospect of Christian McCaffery and Deebo Samuel sharing touches is scary, San Francisco gave away a king’s ransom for a player that hasn’t played a full season since 2019.

Massachusetts Officials Honor One ‘Tough, Spunky’ Creature As State Dinosaur—Huffington Post

If Tom Brady were still with the Patriots I’d be he would be Massachusetts’ official dinosaur, not this one.