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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers throws a stone from his glass house

The quarterback put his teammates on blast but he’s also not without blame

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers cast a stone in the direction of his teammates. Yet the quarterback is definitely not without sin.

In an absolutely flabbergasting sequence, Rodgers bemoaned “double digit” mental errors being made by his teammates on offense and said some making those mistakes shouldn’t be playing. He then immediately followed that remark up by saying quarterbacks coach Tom Clements told him this was his highest graded game of the year so far.

Rodgers followed that up with a chuckle so to be fair he may have been attempting some self-deprecation but it’s still a bad look. Blowing up your teammates publicly while saying you had your best game just gives more fodder to those who have dogged Rodgers’ leadership for years.

Also, Rodgers has been legitimately not good all season. He should be owning more than his share of the blame here like any good leader. Take the blame in bad times, deflect credit in the good. It’s Leadership 101.

Maybe he was attempting a troll job at his critics in a way only Rodgers can but when you put your team on blast like he did, that is not the time to play lingual gymnastics. That quote is now open to interpretation and who knows how the team will respond?

They’ll either accept it as a challenge or it could make matters worse.

The Packers are treading on thin ice right now. This isn’t the time for media brinkmanship by the quarterback.

Rodgers Ups Ante on Common Theme of Mental Errors—Packer Central

Public shaming is one way to motivate people but it can also cause a divide and shatter confidence. Some legitimate self-reflection by the quarterback wouldn’t hurt either. This might seem hard to believe for some but both Rodgers and his surrounding cast can be bad simultaneously. The problem is the Packers have no one else to turn to.

How is Packers’ locker room reacting to three-game losing streak?—ESPN

Marcedes Lewis hasn’t been part of the offense much at all but he’s still a key figure in the locker room. Can they get things turned around in time?

Brian Gutekunst would be smart to clear a receiver trade with Aaron Rodgers—

There are plenty of jokes about who really runs the Packers but Brian Gutekunst should by all means pair up with Rodgers to see who he will throw the ball to in the event Green Bay decides to trade for a wide receiver. Otherwise what’s the point if the quarterback will just ignore him?

Packers emphasized chemistry in midst of O-line shakeup—

The offensive line was definitely better on Sunday and it was enough to make sure Royce Newman never sees the field again.

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