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Intercepted: Breaking down Packers-Bills with Seth Galina and Derrik Klassen

Plus an overview of Aaron Rodgers’ 2022 season so far.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Acme Packing Company’s Justis Mosqueda was joined by Pro Football Focus’ Seth Galina and Football Outsiders’ Derrik Klassen this week to not only discuss the upcoming Packers-Bills matchup on Sunday Night Football but also all things Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has been a hot topic in recent weeks, as fans are trying to figure out how much of Green Bay’s offensive failures fall on his shoulders or the shoulders of his supporting cast.

Tackling Rodgers’ 2022 from all angles, the podcast covers his mechanics, his lack of rushing attempts and scrambles, the volume of flat routes he’s throwing and his predetermined throws, the fact that Rodgers apparently can’t go under center with his thumb injury and how defenses might adjust to this knowledge.

In the second half of the podcast, the trio gets into the injuries Green Bay is facing at receiver, matchups in Week 8, things we’re looking for out of the defense for the remainder of the season and eventually predictions for the Sunday Night Football game. Spoiler alert: We think the Bills are going to win, but we did lay out what we think the game will look like if the Packers do pull this one out.

Show Notes:

  • 0:00: Justis begs for PFF Ultimate
  • 2:00: Aaron Rodgers talk
  • 34:30: What does a Packers win look like?
  • 38:00: Injury update
  • 45:00: Where does the defense go from here?
  • 50:00: Predictions

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