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Aaron Rodgers: Randall Cobb needs more playing time

“He figured out how to get his body back.”

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show and sang the praises of receiver Randall Cobb, the pass-catcher who has the most experience with Rodgers on the 2022 roster. Cobb as a topic came up when McAfee mentioned that CBS broadcaster Tony Romo noted Cobb’s physical appearance during Sunday’s win against the New England Patriots.

McAfee: It feels like Randall Cobb is playing like he was five years ago almost and the commentators are even noticing it. Is that true, do you think, and how important is it to have that comfort level with a guy that not only do you know where he’s going to be and he knows where you’re going to put the ball, but also, I’m sure, you can have different conversations with him than you can with the younger guys ‘cause the past that you have and is that why you wanted Randall to be back so much? Is it kinda nice to see this kinda paying off right now?

Rodgers: Yeah, it’s great because I love him. He’s such a great friend and phenomenal teammate and leader. I really feel like he needs some more playing time. He’s made plays in every game that he’s played. He had two huge plays in the game, both on third down. Third and six he gets on the sideline for 20-something. Third and one, on our last drive, we’re like at mid-40s, we do an action, he runs a beautiful through route, I hit him, first down, move the sticks. Then I hit two plays to [receiver Romeo Doubs.] Next thing you know, we’re in field goal range. I think he needs more opportunities for sure. He’s earned them. Big kudos to him, though, you know. He figured out how to get his body back. He’s stayed healthy so far, but he went through the entire offseason program, OTAs, busted his ass and earned the opportunity he’s gotten and probably more, so I look forward to some more snaps for him ‘cause every time he’s out there he’s making explosive gains.

Rodgers later went on to say that the best trait Cobb brings to the team is being somewhat of a translator between Rodgers and the young receivers on the team when Rodgers is not in the room, as Cobb is able to explain how Rodgers sees the game of football compared to what is written explicitly in the playbook.

It’s hard to make the case that Rodgers isn’t right about Cobb earning more of a role with the team. From a production standpoint, Cobb has actually been the most efficient pass-catcher the Packers have had this season. In 107 snaps, Cobb has been able to bring in 150 receiving yards, good for 1.40 yards per play. That ranks significantly higher than Romeo Doubs (1.00), Allen Lazard (0.96) and Christian Watson (0.64.) Despite playing 78 fewer snaps than Doubs, Cobb is only 34 receiving yards behind him on the season.

Obviously, there’s some sort of balance that Green Bay needs to find to get their most productive receivers on the field while also prioritizing the development of Doubs and Watson, but it’s clear which way QB1 is leaning through four weeks of the season.