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Wednesday Cheese Curds: The Packers are who we thought they were

As frustrating as they have been to watch at times, the Packers are playing the way many expected them to.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It might not be sustainable Aaron Rodgers, but it worked.

As we take one last look at the Green Bay Packers’ win over the New England Patriots, we have to realize the Packers are playing the way we thought they would and frankly, the way they need to.

Everyone under the sun realized at least early on the Packers would struggle offensively and lean on their defense. Is that not what happened Sunday? It’s a 27-17 win without Rodgers’ pick-six and it’s likely a blowout without a Romeo Doubs drop and earlier fumble.

Yes, the Packers are winning ugly but they’re also on track for where we thought they’d be. The young receivers (especially Doubs despite issues hanging onto the ball) are growing and getting comfortable and the defense has been solid even if they haven’t been the elite group we hoped.

So while the win on Sunday might have made you feel dirty, don’t stew over it too much. The Packers are on target, even if it is infuriating to watch at times.

Ugly or not, the Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots by playing the way they have to play— (subscription)

A win is a win and the similarities to the 49ers team that beat them in the postseason a year ago are fair. As frustrating as it is at times to watch, this is who many thought the Packers would be at this point in the season.

Third-and-clutch: Randall Cobb shines in ‘go-to’ moments—

Rodgers yesterday publicly lobbied for more Randall Cobb on the field. It’s not difficult to see why and it’s not because of their friendship. When called upon, the veteran receiver has come through time and again.

Aaron Rodgers says he could target Christian Watson more in the future—Packers Wire

Could? I’d almost say he should. Christian Watson got his first touchdown on a jet sweep and he is consistently open. He and Rodgers haven’t connected yet but when they do it feels like the floodgates will open.

Giants WR Kenny Golladay not expected to travel to London following MCL sprain—

Looking ahead, the Giants are running out of quarterbacks and wide receivers. If ever there was a week for Joe Barry to start stacking the box, this is it.

British artist covers entire mansion in doodles—UPI

I am just going to assume GO PACK GO is drawn on there somewhere.