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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers defense looks to limit Saquon Barkley’s bite

Joe Barry is going to have to adapt if the Packers want to slow down the league’s leading rusher

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Entering the 2022 season, the common thought was the Green Bay Packers would have to ride their defense while the offense broke in its new group of wide receivers.

Four games into the season, that is indeed what has largely played out. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement on defense. The Green Bay run defense especially has been lacking and they face their biggest test yet on Sunday in London with the league’s leading rusher Saquon Barkley.

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry has not attacked with loaded boxes with his supremely talented secondary likely being a big reason why. The result is the Packers getting gashed on the ground but stopping the pass when they’ve needed to.

He won’t be able to do the same against the New York Giants. With a likely hobbled Daniel Jones under center, Barry has no choice but to stack against the run. If this isn’t the week he does it, there’s no telling when it might happen.

This is a game Green Bay can and very much should win but the biggest thing that could tip the field is Barkley going off. The good news is Green Bay can prevent it.

All Barry has to do is decide to do it.

Packers’ Joe Barry won’t be able to hyper-focus on the passing game this week against Giants— (subscription)

The defense needs to adapt to its opponent’s strength. Barry failed to do so against Justin Jefferson in Week 1 and doing the same to Barkley could doom Green Bay much like it nearly killed them last week.

While dominant for stretches, Packers still seeking consistency on defense—Packers Wire

Starting and finishing the game stronger could help the Green Bay defense finally realize the potential they showed all offseason. It would also help an offense still finding its way.

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