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Giants vs. Packers, Week 5 2022: Live game updates & discussion

Good morning, Packers fans! Let’s watch some early morning football!

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Fine day for a football match, innit?

Okay, we won’t be showing off our British accents any time soon, but it feels appropriate this morning. After all, the Green Bay Packers are in London and are almost all set to kick off against the New York Giants in the franchise’s first international game in its history.

It’s also the first London game featuring two teams that have a winning record. Both the Packers and Giants come in at 3-1 on the season, a record that is substantially more surprising for New York than for Green Bay based on preseason expectations. The Packers were and are widely expected to compete for a division title and an NFC championship; the Giants, well, not so much.

Hopefully that means that the quality of football that fans in the UK today see is better than usual. Packers fans, of course, would love to see a blowout victory for the green and gold, and with a point spread of just over a touchdown, the oddsmakers see that as a real possibility.

Keep it here at Acme Packing Company for updates throughout today’s game and join us in the comments to discuss the contest!

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