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Packers favored by 7.5 points against Jets at Lambeau Field in Week 6

The line has dropped two points since earlier this week.

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers have opened up as 7.5-point favorites against the New York Jets on DraftKings. The Packers are -325 favorites at Lambeau Field, which carries an implied probability that the team wins the game 76 percent of the time.

Coming off of a brutal collapse against the New York Giants in London, bettors are finally starting to treat the Packers differently in 2022. Earlier this week, Green Bay was listed as a 9.5-point favorite against the Jets, showing how confidence has been lost in the team over the last two weeks.

The short-term and long-term projections for the Packers seem somewhat divorced, though, at the moment. Despite Green Bay failing to put away the New England Patriots and Giants in regulation in the last eight days, the team still has the second-best odds to win win the NFC per the book’s lines. Only the Eagles (+250) have a better chance to win the NFC title than the Packers (+425) according to the betting market.

Despite that, though, the Packers (+130) aren’t even the favorites to win their own division, the NFC North. Instead, the Minnesota Vikings (-130), who are a game ahead of Green Bay and have the head-to-head tie-breaker, are in the lead in the two-team race.

The public is losing confidence in the Packers...but they’re NFC title contenders. They’re NFC title contenders...but they are underdogs to win their own division. It’s tough to parse out what the market thinks about Green Bay other than the fact that they’re a talented, underperforming team at the moment.

If the season ended today, the Packers would have earned the final spot in the seven-team NFC playoff. In a surprising turn of events, the 3-2 Jets would actually be the fifth seed in the AFC, the conference’s top wildcard spot.