Kurt Warner Breaks Down Packer Passing Game

The link is for Kurt Warner's Study Ball YouTube video of the Detroit game. Warner uses the All-22 video to highlight the problems with the Packers' passing game, and it sure doesn't all fall at Rodgers' feet. The video runs about 35 minutes and Warner's input about what he expects from receivers is very illuminating especially as Warner highlights how Packer receivers continuously fail to gain leverage on DBs, effectively running themselves into coverage. What a poorly coached position group. Rodgers misses some throws, seemingly from shellshock.

What's readily apparent is what a liability Sammy Watkins is. Jammed at the line, running wrong routes, losing leverage to DBs. I'm left wondering if Gutey and his pro scouts studied any Watkins tape from his previous teams. A guy doesn't get this incompetent this quickly.

Enjoy the video. You'll learn something as I surely did.

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