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Cheese Curds, 11/14: Packers reset season with historic comeback win over Cowboys

The playoffs are still a long shot, but Green Bay provided reasons for fans to hope in Sunday’s big win at Lambeau Field.

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Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Why would you ever bet against Aaron Rodgers when he’s playing the Dallas Cowboys?

On Sunday, the previously-derailed Green Bay Packers got back on the tracks, defeating the Cowboys 31-28 in the team’s first win since October 2nd. It was a thrilling victory, complete with a dominating rushing attack, some big plays from unlikely sources, and a breakout game from one of the team’s most promising, and up until that point one of the most frustrating, rookies.

Time will tell if this is truly a “get-right” game for the Packers, as they still have a tough stretch of games upcoming with a long, uphill road to the possibility of a playoff berth. It’s entirely possible that this win could be driven more by emotion and the return of Mike McCarthy to Lambeau Field than by a true marked improvement from the Packers this week.

Then again, the Packers also may have found a new big-play threat on offense and some new ways to shuffle pieces on defense that could serve them well in the final seven games of the season. Fans will get their next chance to see whether the team they saw on Sunday was a mirage or the real thing quickly, with the Tennessee Titans coming in on Thursday.

Packers snap losing streak: How Green Bay came back to beat Cowboys in overtime - The Athletic ($)
It was a thrilling victory, one that snapped a long-running losing streak and kept the Packers theoretically alive in the playoff hunt. But it was extra satisfying to beat Mike McCarthy's Cowboys in his return to Lambeau Field.

Packers come back to hand Cowboys a first-of-its-kind defeat | Packers Wire
Even better, the Packers did something that no team had ever done before: beat Dallas when down by 14 points at the start of the 4th quarter.

Bottoming out became true reset for Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers |
Rodgers admitted that after a rock-bottom loss like last week's in Detroit, a voice creeps into your head to start shaking your confidence. But he also said that he "knocked that voice back into hell" with Sunday night's win.

Packers rookie Christian Watson gets '800-pound gorilla off his back' |
The rookie receiver finally showed the speed and talent that drove the Packers to trade up for him in April. It didn't come without warts, as he had back-to-back drops early in the game, but he more than made up for those as the team kept throwing to him, eventually finishing with three touchdowns.

Packers' Christian Watson caps 58-yard TD from Aaron Rodgers with a backflip | ESPN
Watson did a backflip after the first of those scores, but it was Aaron Jones with the celebration of the night. The man simply loves scoring on the Cowboys, and he let them know what to hold on his way across the goal line.

Rudy Ford to safety, Darnell Savage to nickel pays off for Packers |
Ford made two massive plays, picking off Dak Prescott twice in the first half with one coming in the end zone following a Packers fumble deep in their own territory. Savage looked more active and comfortable as well, and he seemed to have plenty of fun with it.

Cowboys' Mike McCarthy laments OT penalties, not 4th-down call | ESPN
How much of the Packers' win falls at McCarthy's feet? In overtime, he went for a 4th-and-3 at the Packers' 35 instead of trying a 53-yard field goal, and the Packers got the stop. Ultimately, though, an offsides on the Cowboys' offense and a holding penalty cost them dearly.

Woman charged, accused of freeing swarm of bees on deputies - ABC News
The only acceptable reason for unleashing a swarm of bees this weekend is to celebrate Brentford FC's victory over Manchester City.