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Tuesday Cheese Curds: What’s the plan with Jordan Love?

The Love era, such as it is, may be about to start. What does that mean?

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Packers never explicitly said they wanted Jordan Love to be the successor to Aaron Rodgers, but the message came through loud enough when they traded up to take him in the first round in 2020.

But then there was an MVP season for Rodgers. And then another. And then a lucrative contract extension. And then the Packers were staring down the possibility of having to make a call on Jordan Love’s fifth-year option without really having seen him play.

Now, it seems, Love is finally about to get an opportunity for some extending time as the Packers’ starting quarterback. That it comes in what will amount to a lost season can’t be too encouraging for the Packers’ front office, but you take what you can get at this point. They’ll have the chance — perhaps once the Packers are mathematically eliminated, perhaps before — to see what they have in Love.

I think you can take issue with the entire plan surrounding Jordan Love starting with the moment they drafted him, but, much like the Packers’ season as a whole, you can also argue that this wasn’t how they thought it would go. Whatever Love does yet this season, they’re still going to be more in “let’s hope we can salvage this situation” mode more than preparing to build around Love.

That’s how it goes at times, of course. No plan survives contact with reality. The only hope now is that Love can show himself to have been worth the wait. If he guides the Packers into another era of high-level quarterback play, it will still all have been worth it. If not, well, he shouldn’t be the only one looking to restart his career outside Green Bay.

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