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Friday Cheese Curds: Joe Barry can’t cook

Instead of making a gourmet meal with the ingredients Brian Gutekunst provided, Barry somehow managed to start the kitchen on fire

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The general manager goes shopping for the ingredients and it’s up to the coaches to cook the meal.

That is basically how NFL franchises are run. The ingredients, or players, are brought in by the front office and then the coaches, or chefs, are supposed to make something out of them. If either part of the equation isn’t up to standards, then you have a mediocre team or worse.

For the Green Bay Packers, general manager Brian Gutekunst has spent a pretty penny on defense especially in the last few seasons. From using multiple first round draft picks to bringing in outside help to contract extensions, plenty of resources have been spent on that side of the ball.

The problem is now apparent: defensive coordinator Joe Barry can’t cook anything except macaroni and cheese and microwave TV dinners.

Green Bay is once again wallowing in mediocrity defensively and players’ frustrations are becoming more and more public (see Jaire Alexander). For all the money and picks spent, the results are nowhere near what they should be. They’re stuck in the middle of the pack in terms of yards allowed and passer rating, something that should not be happening with the amount of talent at cornerback.

In other words, the kitchen is on fire and the buck stops with the defensive coordinator. The Packers would be wise to start over yet again and hopefully hire a proper chef.

That is, before the ingredients go bad.

Packers’ underachieving defense due for wake-up call, maybe at highest level— (subscription)

Matt LaFleur was adamant that he won’t change coordinators in-season but with each uninspired performance the pressure will grow. So too will frustrations from players and for a team that likes to keep things in-house, that probably won’t sit well in Green Bay.

Savage Must Tackle Challenge of Rescuing Career—Packer Central

Darnell Savage has regressed under Barry’s tutelage. He went from looking like a stud in 2020 to an unreliable tackler in the secondary. He needs to turn things around and quickly because the Packers will likely have to spend draft capital at the position next year.

Samori Toure rising to the challenge for Packers’ offense—

In happier news, Samori Toure more than earned additional playing time with his performance in Buffalo. With other receivers injured, his emergence would be a most welcome surprise.

Packers film room: Josiah Deguara excels in expanded role against Bills—Packers Wire

Same goes for Josiah Deguara. He put on a blocking clinic Sunday night and he deserves to see an increased role on offense moving forward.

Mystery light in California sky was Sacramento Kings’ ‘Victory Beam’—UPI

The Packers should do this from Lambeau next time the Packers win a game.