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Calling Our Shots: APC’s most specific Week 9 predictions

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

We’re getting closer.

Last week our Paul Noonan predicted that Samori Toure would score his first NFL touchdown on the same kind of shot that nearly sent Christian Watson to the end zone on his first NFL play and that it would be the Packers’ longest touchdown of the season.

Well, it wasn’t the Watson play, but Toure did get loose for a 37-yard score late in the Packers’ loss to the Bills, and that does qualify as the Packers’ longest score of the season so far. That’s pretty good!

Can we do better? Let’s find out. Here’s what four of our writers think is going to happen this weekend.

Rcon14: The Lions run for 200 yards

The Packers run defense is an abject disaster, ranking 31st in rush defense DVOA and 29th in EPA-allowed per rush. The Lions running game is their strength, with a good offensive line and a superstar running back. There is little reason for the Lions to ask Goff to do much of anything this Sunday.

Tex Western: Romeo Doubs catches a TD pass of 50 yards or more

Aaron Rodgers finally started throwing some more deep balls on Sunday in Buffalo and actually hitting them. This week, the Packers face a historically bad Lions defense, one that ranks 30th in the NFL this year against deep passes. Specifically, the Lions are among the worst teams in the league in defending deep outside the numbers, where Romeo Doubs does most of his work. I think this is the week he finally burns a DB on a go route and Rodgers actually manages to hit him in stride.

Jon Meerdink: Christian Watson will play and have 100 yards

The Packers were prepared to make Watson a key part of their offense, if not a focal point, last week in Buffalo. But a concussion on his first reception ended his day early, and a stingy Buffalo defense probably would have limited him, anyway.

But however good Buffalo’s defense is, Detroit’s is the opposite, especially against the pass. They’re just plain bad, and with Watson on his way back to the lineup, I think he’ll have his first big game as a pro.

Paul Noonan: Tom Kennedy throws a touchdown pass

I’ll be perfectly honest in saying that I’m not sure whether Kennedy saw no action last week because he’s hurt, or because he’s terrible, but I’m just going to lean on “terrible” and assume he’ll be active. Kennedy is the only NFL player to come out of Bryant University where he also played on their championship lacrosse team. He’s short, underweight, and has barely done anything as a receiver this year, and I can’t even find any evidence that he ever played quarterback or excels at throwing the ball.

All of that said, Pro Football Reference says that he throws “right” which means they know something I don’t. The Packers have been susceptible to gimmick plays and this would be the most annoying gimmick play ever.