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Cheese Curds, 11/7: Has Aaron Rodgers forgotten how to read (defenses)?

It sure seems so, and Rodgers is on pace for his worst season ever.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers was supposed to be the player who would elevate those around him on the Green Bay Packers’ offense. That’s what you are paying for when you give a quarterback a $150 million contract over three years.

Instead of being the rising tide that lifts the boat, Rodgers has been treading water for weeks before turning into a giant anchor that sank the offense on Sunday afternoon. Rodgers’ three interceptions — two of which came inside the ten-yard line and the third from just outside the 20 — were all the result of bad throws or bad decisions.

Indeed, Rodgers’ post-snap processing, his reading of defenses during the play, used to be one of his greatest strengths. Almost overnight, it has become one of his greatest weaknesses, as he seems unable to find open receivers and work through progressions beyond his first read.

Sure, there are plenty of personnel questions in the wide receiver group. In this game, the Packers lost their top two rookie receivers to injury. But there were still plenty of plays to be made in the red zone, and Rodgers simply failed to make them. Now, as a result, Rodgers has a passer rating of just 89.0 in 2022, a lower number than in any season since taking over as the starter in 2008, and he’s already thrown more interceptions than in any season since 2016.

It’s quite a tumble for the two-time defending MVP, and one that doesn’t look to have an easy answer. Plus, given the Packers’ current situation, it’s probably too late to salvage the 2022 season anyway.

Green Bay Packers' final play vs. Lions epitomized hobbled offense |
The Packers had to rush to get up to the line of scrimmage despite taking a timeout, barely got the snap off, then saw Rodgers' pass land nowhere near his intended receiver. After the fact, nobody could explain who messed up, which encapsulates this team as a whole right now.

Aaron Rodgers’ interceptions vs. the Lions were of his own making | Touchdown Wire
While blame for that failed 4th down has yet to be assigned, Rodgers deserves all of it for his three picks on Sunday. His first was a bad throw; his second was both a bad throw and a bad decision under pressure; and his third was more of a bad read than a bad throw.

Packers lack identity and clear path to success moving forward | Packers Wire
To add to the confusion about this offense, Aaron Jones had just 11 touches before leaving the game in the second half, including just two on the team's opening 13-play drive and six over 22 plays in the first three series.

No matter how frustrated, Aaron Rodgers isn’t giving up |
After the game, Rodgers told reporters "We'll be counted out, probably, by many, and we'll see how we respond." The time for the team to respond was a month ago.

WR Romeo Doubs, RB Aaron Jones among key Packers hurt in loss | ESPN
Rashan Gary's season is done, Aaron Jones appears to be okay, and we're still waiting for updates on Doubs and Eric Stokes, both of whom were on crutches and in walking boots after the game.

Scientists are working on an official 'alien contact protocol' for when ET phones Earth | Space
At this point, it probably should simply be the message "Stay away, it's not worth it."