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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Here comes Mike McCarthy

The only Packers coach to win a Super Bowl in the 21st century makes his return to Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Descending from the heavens amind angelic songs and glorious light, Mike McCarthy will make his return to Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Okay, maybe it won’t be that dramatic, but McCarthy will be driving down a street with his name on it and taking up brief residence at a stadium where his teams won a whole bunch of games this Sunday.

Things didn’t end well for McCarthy in Green Bay, but, for me at least, it’s hard to be happy to see him again. Both affable and truculent, McCarthy was an enjoyable presence during his time with the Packers. Sure, his schematic innovations, such as they were, may have left something to be desired, but he was a big part of some crucially important moments in Packers’ history.

He shepherded the team through the Favre/Rodgers transition, helping his young charge down the path toward greatness on their way to a Super Bowl championship together. Yes, they came up short together, too, but nobody can take Super Bowl XLV away, and the McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers pairing is one of the great partnerships in Packers history.

I’m interested to see how McCarthy is received on Sunday. I’m sure there will be some boos — that’s just what fans do — but I’m betting on balance things will be positive. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think time will have softened some frustrations with McCarthy in Green Bay.

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