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Cheese Curds, 12/14: Packers feel bye week boost

The team is as healthy as it has been all season, season-ending injuries aside.

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Tuesday was a good day for the Green Bay Packers in terms of health. The team’s choice to skip a bye week after their game in London has received significant criticism, plenty of it seemingly warranted as the team sent on a lengthy losing streak following that game. But no matter when a bye week arrives, it always seems to come at a time when it is sorely needed.

Indeed, that seems to be the case for the Packers coming out of their week 14 bye, as Tuesday saw 52 of the team’s 53 rostered players participating in the first practice of week 15. One player who looks on track to appear in Monday night’s game against the Rams is wide receiver Romeo Doubs, who has been out for the last four games with an ankle injury.

Likewise, Aaron Rodgers is on the mend, with his injured thumb and ribs seemingly feeling much better. That should be a nice boost for the Packers’ hopes of winning out and finding a way into the postseason. Of course, that remains a long shot, but it seems at least somewhat more plausible with a fully functional Rodgers than without it.

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The Packers had every player at practice on Tuesday save for one, and that was David Bakhtari, who is recovering from an emergency appendectomy.

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Wide receiver does feel like less of a need for the Packers in 2023, at least early in the draft, thanks to the last few weeks. But this take -- that the Packers need to focus on offensive tackle and tight end -- ignores that the team's defensive line looks exceptionally thin for next season.

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Projecting Lazard's value in the free agent market for next spring is a difficult task. He's a good receiver, to be sure, but he hasn't played to a level that has truly elevated the Packers' offense. What that means in terms of a payday in March is anyone's guess.

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