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Wednesday Walkthroughs: APC’s Christmas List

APC writers share their Packers-related Christmas wishes

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Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

There is no shortage of Packers’ paraphernalia that could end up under your tree (or whatever holiday-appropriate gift-giving vector you and your friends or family use) this year. Maybe you’d like some memorabilia. Maybe your Packers’ wardrobe needs a refresh. Maybe all you want is to see the Packers in the playoffs.

Here’s what our writers are wishing for. Even if the Packers don’t end up in the postseason, hopefully we get a few items checked off our list.

Justis Mosqueda: Joe Barry on his best behavior

Last year it was Cliff Christl’s books on the Packers. This year, I just want Joe Barry not to ruin my Christmas morning. If I have to watch Tua throw open slants at 10 AM Pacific, there will be hell to pay.

Paul Noonan: Assorted collectibles

I thought about asking for the $65,000 Jordan Love card, which I figure is at least as valuable as an NFT.

But then I found this $10,000 toy truck that has some kind of rare production error.

But that wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted more history. Like these VHS tapes that may have the 1961 NFL championship game on them. I suppose I’ll need a VCR too.

Or this seriously awesome scouting report.

But in the end, I think all I really want is a playoff berth, and this chunk of field goal post signed by Aaron Rodgers.

Tex Western: Art and a speaker

This minimalist Lambeau Field artwork is fantastic, and every Packers fan should want one. Additionally, I want to impress my coworkers (i.e. my cats, since I still work from home) with this ridiculous hovering football/bluetooth speaker combo:

Do I just want it so that the cats have something ridiculous to play with on my desk? Who’s to say.

Jon Meerdink: Vintage (or just vintage-looking) Packers clothes

More modern Packers clothing doesn’t do a whole lot for me. The Packers’ branding is at its best in throwback or vintage-looking circumstances, and fortunately there are more and more options for finding stuff that fits that bill.

Homage has some awesome hoodies and T-shirts that really hit that classic look, and failing that, there’s always eBay. Can a Starter jacket ever go out of style? Not that one.