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What I Would Do Differently If I Ran the Packers

An APC Holiday Special

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

People frequently ask me, on twitter, and in real life at family gatherings and such, “Paul, if you’re so smart, what exactly would you do differently if you ran the Packers? Like, really. It’s easy to just complain about things and point out RAS scores, but would you actually be materially different?”

It’s a good question, and so, since it’s Christmas Eve, I thought everyone deserved an answer, plus this way I can just walk around my uncle’s house playing this instead of engaging in human conversation, as I am mostly just a robot that makes spreadsheets. I do have an answer, based on my many years of observing the Green Bay front office, attending games at Lambeau, and getting offended by the hoity-toity cheese curds at 1919. Next season is likely to be a transition for the Packers, and we should start thinking about these things now.

Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the show, and Go Pack!