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Packers film room: Breaking down the key plays on the 2nd touchdown drive

Today we break down the key plays on the second of three scoring drives versus the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In the first part of Week 15 review against the Los Angeles Rams, we looked at the first touchdown drive. In the second part, we’ll look at the key plays on the second touchdown drive. The drive went 11 plays and 68 yards and ended with the Green Bay Packers taking a 17-6 lead, which would prove to be the winning drive for them in the third quarter.

The drive started at the 32 where the first play lost one yard and the next play gave the Packers a first down due to defensive holding.

Third play, 1st and 10 @ GB 36, 14:04 remaining

To move the chains, LaFleur called “dragon spacing” a quick game concept Rodgers is very efficient with. One side of the concept is the “dragon” slant flat concept while the other is the spacing concept that consists of an over-the-ball route, a deeper curl route, and a flat route.

The Rams are playing a nickel fire zone with Ramsey blitzing from the nickel position and the safety rotation down to that side.

With the safety rotating away from the slant/flat concept, Rodgers has a wide-open throw to Romeo Doubs on the quick slant over the middle. The linebacker flies out to the flat with the route and Rodgers reads that flow and hits Doubs for a 10-yard gain while beating the nickel blitz from Ramsey.

Fourth play, 1st and 10 @ GB 46, 12:14 remaining

Another first down at the hands of Christian Watson on the short comeback route off play action along the sideline. The play is a double dig concept on the left with Watson isolated on the right side.

The Rams are in their penny 3-3-5 front playing weak safety rotated cover-3 away from the two receiver side where the Packers motion a fast-3 receiver.

Rodgers gets the match-up he wants with Watson isolated on the sideline and delivers a perfectly placed pass where only Watson can catch it.

Fifth play: 1-yard loss by A. J. Dillon.

Sixth play, 2nd and 11 @ LA 45, 11:43 remaining

The Packers line up in empty 3x2 here running a stick/flat concept to the left with Watson on the stick and Dillon as the flat receiver.

The Rams send a linebacker pressure on a 4-man rush from their penny front again. The defender over Watson bumps Watson and is unable to get out to the flat to cover Dillon and Rodgers reads the flow of this zone drop and flicks it out to Dillon on the sideline. Dillon sprints to a 17-yard gain.

Seventh play, 1st and 10 @ LA 28, 11:04 remaining

This is a play call they ran on the first scoring drive to Randall Cobb, the backside spot/dig concept with stick/flat to the passing strength trips side.

This time the Packers split out Josiah Deguara and Watson in a two-receiver stack with Deguara running the spot route and Watson on the dig route.

The Rams are in base cover-6 “luggage” which is cover-2 to the inline tight end side into the boundary and quarters/cover-4 to the passing strength to the detached two receiver side.

The safety/coverage rotation is to the stick/flat side with the cloud corner for run-defense purposes. This leaves the quarters safety backside responsible for the dig route and since Watson is running the dig, the safety gives him a big cushion. Rodgers comes off the stick/flat and back to Watson over the middle, throwing a pass low and slightly behind to protect him from the safety coming down to make the hit.

The eighth, ninth, and 10th plays of the drive got the offense a first down after an illegal contact penalty on 3rd down. The penalty set up the offense with 1st and goal from the four-yard line. After a three-yard gain, the offense had a 2nd and goal from the one-yard line.

Scoring play, 2nd and goal @ LA 1, 8:09 remaining

The Packers fed Dillon here up the middle on a duo run concept.

On “duo,” the running back reads the run fit of the middle linebacker and runs away from his fit to where the open lane is at. It could be outside the tackles or the next gap over away from the linebacker. Linebacker Bobby Wagner fits up in the B-gap and Dillon goes to his right off the right tackle into a crease in the C-gap. Touchdown.

Packers 17-6 in the third quarter.


In part 3, we’ll take a look at the third touchdown drive.