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SB Nation Reacts, Week 17 Results: Fan confidence is on the rise

The Packers’ playoff hopes are alive and so is your faith.

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Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Green Bay Packers fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate.

We had an abbreviated set of questions for you this week but also asked you who the priority re-signs of the 2023 offseason should be in our survey post this week. We’ll include some of the most recommended comments from the thread at the end of this article.

National Results

Only 13 percent of you like that streaming services are taking over the NFL. More than double that number — 27 percent — says they won’t watch games on a streaming service. It seems as though some of you have already turned away from Thursday Night Football this season. This isn’t the best news for people watching the Packers through Sunday Ticket, which will soon transition to YouTube TV from DirecTV.

The national audience is actually picking the Minnesota Vikings to pull off the upset against the Packers this weekend. Despite the Vikings’ far superior record, Green Bay is a three-point home favorite this week. According to VSiN’s betting splits, 59 percent of the bets are on Minnesota for the moneyline in this game. 60 percent of the handle (money) is also on the Vikings winning.

Acme Packing Company Results

After the early-season crash of confidence in the Packers’ organization, fan confidence has finally crept back up past 50 percent for the first time since Week 4. A three-game win streak has brought a lot of you back on the bandwagon.

Who are Green Bay’s priority re-signs in 2023?


We can’t keep bringing back players who aren’t standing out and expect to improve. Lowry is the poster child for that. Lazard may also be to an extent. I like Lazard, but he’s not a one, two or true three in my view. He’s a really good blocker and is a nice piece, but our 3rd receiver needs to be more able to get himself open and more of a post catch threat. I just can’t see him accepting what I think he’s worth. If so, I’d aspire to better.

I’d consider Lewis as a form of bridge since he’s pretty cheap. We have to get new TE blood and get it experience, but he isn’t really an obstacle to playing time in that role.

Tonyan is, for me, about where we think his athleticism will be further removed from his ACL. He might be much better next year, but if we don’t have very good reason to believe so then he represents not good enough now and will block development. On balance, with our cap I’d let him walk.

On balance any cap left to be finagled (we are projected well over where we must be to start the league year/sign anyone) should go to Nijman (RFA) and Nixon in terms of the difference that he makes to this team. His ability as a d/b tips it for me even were Rodgers not to come back.

The next priority would be Ford. With Amos moving on, Ford provides some depth in the time Amos had before Barry tried to make Amos into Savage and vice versa. We need new S talent, but Ford is useful depth and a ST plus.

If the cap simply won’t allow it, i could live with all moving on except Nijman and Nixon snd I don’t think we’d be much worse overall in the short term with a decent draft and development by other players and perhaps better thereafter. I just can’t bring myself to believe that Nixon can be replaced easily or Nijman for better value.

This was probably the most thorough comment in the original post. For the most part, I agree. Nixon and Nijman should be considered the must signs in the offseason. Nijman will likely receive a second-round tender by the team. The return of Tonyan and/or Lazard would be nice, but I’m not sure how realistic that is.

She Ain’t No Olivia Munn

None of the above except Nixon, maybe Ford. Finally have seen the last of Lowry.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Ford moving forward. Last week, he was benched for Darnell Savage. Will Savage start the final two games of the season? The former first-round pick had his fifth-year option picked up, which means that he has a costly, fully-guaranteed salary on the books for 2023.


The farce that keeps getting passed around here is how it takes”so long” for Rodgers to gel with his receivers. It’s also why we hold onto players without a lot of talent too long. Dobbs and watson should’ve proved that.. and they weren’t the most polished coming out. If we’d of traded up for say, Wilson or olave. Or traded for AJ brown..any one if them would have 80 plus catches right now. It’s just another false reason for keeping “packer” players that apparently means less talented. Keep Cobb on the cheap, I’m ok with Lazard but someone will pay him mvs money which was ridiculous as the chiefs found out.

It took Watson 10 weeks to gel with Rodgers, to be fair. He also missed a signal from Rodgers on a red zone RPO last game. I don’t think it’s crazy to point out that it takes a while for #12 to build trust in a young receiver. I would have loved Olave or Brown in Green Bay, though.

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