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The Repack: The Packers are the winningest franchise ever after beating the Bears

Hang the banner.

Coach Lombardi After Super Bowl Victory

Yes, you’re allowed to celebrate the Green Bay Packers passing the Chicago Bears on the all-time wins list, even if the Bears are just 3-10 on the season. The only people saying otherwise are salty Chicago fans. Block out that noise.

To recap the Packers’ win on Sunday, Justis Mosqueda and Evan “Tex” Western discussed the good, bad and ugly on this week’s The Repack.

The conversation of Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love starting the remainder of the season came up quickly. Obviously, Rodgers wants to play as long as the team is mathematically in playoff contention, but that could very well last until Week 17 or 18.

Even beyond this season, is Rodgers coming back in 2023? The phrasing he’s been using over the last week or so has been interesting, even for the complicated fella. If Rodgers does come back, should the Packers pick up Love’s 2024 fifth-year option? Should they trade Love in the offseason?

We tried to answer all of those questions and touch on the current playoff picture and draft picture as it stands today. If the season ended right now, the Packers would hold the 12th overall pick in the 2023 draft.


  • 0:00: The Packers beat the Bears! Hang the banner!
  • 6:00: Is Rodgers coming back next season?
  • 22:50: Offensive vibe checks.
  • 39:30: Defensive vibe checks.

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