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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Interesting Packers are still a cheap date

The Packers have been better over the last month but the ticket market hasn’t responded.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers have been more interesting over the past month. Good? Your mileage may vary. They’re 2-2 over their last four games, but their scoring is up and Christian Watson has generously descended from Olympus to bless us with his presence.

It’s interesting, then, that there hasn’t been a corresponding financial adjustment for the Packers’ improved play; it’s still (relatively) cheap to go to a Packers game, as the first link below will explain.

I suppose the message sent there is a good one. People want meaningful Packers games more than they want entertaining ones, and the Packers are going to stretch the definition of meaningful over the season’s final few weeks. As long as they’re technically alive, they’re going to fight to make the playoffs. I suppose we can’t ask them to do much else, but we also shouldn’t expect the ticket market to respond much, either.

Packers ticket prices remain low for three remaining Lambeau Field games | Packers News

The average lowest ticket price for the Packers’ next home game is $66, down from $84 on November 28.

Behind the Numbers: A.J. Dillon, Christian Watson lead Packers offense to victory in Chicago | Packers Wire

Your eyes told you that AJ Dillon and Christian Watson were good. The numbers will also tell you that.

NFL fires warning shot to teams that players can be suspended for faking injuries and draft picks can be taken | CBS Sports

Anecdotally, I feel like I’ve seen more suspicious-looking injuries this year than in the past.

Tyler Huntley, Justin Fields, and the QB Rushing Quandary | Football Outsiders

The data suggests that while quarterbacks are running more, they’re doing so less efficiently.

Florida woman catches bear eating her avocados | UPI

These dang millennial bears eating avocados for breakfast instead of saving $3 a day for 17 years for a down payment on a house.