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What is the best piece of team memorabilia you own?

Show off what you got.

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are on a bye, so we’re going to run a couple of one-off posts to hear back from our readers this week. Here’s the first one: What is the best piece of team memorabilia that you own?

photo via the Packers Pro Shop

My nomination for this one is The Greatest Story in Sports, a set of books written by Cliff Christl on the history of the Packers. The in-laws got me it for Christmas last year and it’s spent most of the time on my coffee table since then.

The second is probably a Vince Biegel jersey that I was sent from a Madison sporting goods store when they went on sale following his release. A great gag gift for someone who bought into the hype.

What do you got?