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Super Bowl LVI: Rams vs. Bengals game updates & discussion

Join us today to see who earns this year’s Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl LVI Previews Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The end of the 2021 NFL season has arrived, as Super Bowl LVI is upon us. It’s a surprising matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, and it is also the second straight year that a team will play the Super Bowl in its home stadium. Today’s game is at SoFi Stadium in the greater LA area, so the Rams will try to follow up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ success last year on their home turf.

In their way is a superstar sophomore quarterback, however, as Joe Burrow will try to lead the Bengals to their first Super Bowl title. Burrow is searching for the elusive quarterback trifecta: a Heisman Trophy, a college football national title, and a Super Bowl win, and if Cincinnati pulls off a win today, he will have done all of that in the span of just three years.

Join us throughout the game today to discuss the events of the game, and let us know how you’re tuning in, what your buffet spread and beverages of choice are, and any other details you care to share about how you’re watching today’s game.

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