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Monday Cheese Curds: Rams celebrate while the Packers make their case to Aaron Rodgers

This Super Bowl really was Green Bay’s to win and the Packers are pitching Rodgers on giving it another go

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Welcome to the first day of the NFL offseason.

Congratulations are in order for the Los Angeles Rams after winning Super Bowl LVI and especially for Matthew Stafford who won a ring in his first year away from the poverty franchise known as the Detroit Lions.

Meanwhile in Green Bay, multiple reports came out yesterday that the Packers are willing to go “all-in” again with Aaron Rodgers and make him the highest paid quarterback in the league. They’re also prepared to push money out into future salary caps to lure the four-time MVP back to Green Bay for 2022 and perhaps even beyond.

It’s a similar approach to that the New Orleans Saints took with Drew Brees and while this could lead to some pain down the road, it is worth noting the salary cap is set to grow the next two years. Green Bay could in theory make this work with Rodgers and still get Davante Adams back long-term. That is arguably the ideal situation at this point.

Of course all that doesn’t matter if Rodgers decides to retire or decide he wants out. The latter seems unlikely at this point given the vibes Rodgers has given off since the season ended and especially after his speech at the NFL Honors on Thursday. Both he and the team seem to be in a good place so if we were to read the tea leaves right now, it seems Rodgers’ choices are down to retirement or return for an 18th season.

With much work to do to get under the cap as well as deciding which players to extend, restructure, or let walk, the Packers are awaiting what the quarterback chooses and to Rodgers’ credit he has stated multiple times his choice will come sooner than later.

Until that happens, speculation will continue to run amok. Trying to guess what the Packers will do this spring is useless until Rodgers’ future is settled. That is the biggest domino and once that falls, everything else can start to fall into place.

It’s going to be an exciting if not nerve wracking couple

of months for Green Bay and their fans. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Rams’ wild Super Bowl victory over Bengals completes bold, all-in plan—

The Packers also went all-in this year but what the Rams did was of a much grander scale. The moves LA made don’t often result in an instant title but it panned out this time.

Aaron Rodgers in positive place with Packers as decision on his future looms—

If you watched the Super Bowl and came away with the impression Green Bay could have beat both of these teams, you’re right. That’s why the Packers are trying to run it back again in 2022 and getting Rodgers back is key to it all.

Sources: Green Bay Packers ready to spend close to salary cap in 2022 to entice Aaron Rodgers’ return—ESPN

The NFL is a very “win now” league right now and thankfully the Packers appear to realize that. Whether or not that will be enough to entice Rodgers back remains to be seen but at least they aren’t sitting on their hands.

De’Vondre Campbell thinks Super Bowl officials got it wrong on late penalty against Logan Wilson—Packers Wire

The All-Pro is 100% correct of course. The officials remained too quiet for most of the game so of course they had to become a story in the Super Bowl during its most critical phase. Unfortunately, until it is the last play of a Super Bowl that is botched that tips the game, there will be no true accountability for officiating mistakes.

Coinbase’s bouncing QR code Super Bowl ad was so popular it crashed the app-The Verge

Might want to upgrade those servers next time, Coinbase. The game’s most obnoxious commercial became a punching bag after so many scans crashed Coinbase.