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Cheese Curds, 2/15: Packers’ & NFL’s offseason priorities take shape

Rodgers and Adams lead the storylines, but the Packers will have plenty of work to do regardless of what happens with those two.

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Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the Super Bowl now behind us — less than 48 hours removed — the NFL is already moving forward towards the 2022 season. Priorities are taking shape for this offseason for the league and all of its teams, and the Packers have gotten off to a bit of a head start on a handful of rivals thanks to their early exit from the postseason.

Coming up next for the league is the Scouting Combine in a few weeks, which will mark the first time that all of the teams get together since the same event in 2020 — which took place just two weeks before COVID-19 shut down the world. This year’s event will also be the last one guaranteed to take place in Indianapolis, with the league planning to start up a bidding system for 2023 and beyond.

For the Packers, so much of the team’s plans revolve around Aaron Rodgers’ decision. But regardless of what he decides, the team needs to trim off some salary cap money before mid-March. They could start making some of those necessary moves now, though it is probably reasonable to expect them to hold off for just a bit.

Here’s a look at the goals for both the Packers and the NFL as we move fully into offseason mode.

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We all know about Rodgers and Adams, but special teams and the salary cap will be the other major topics coming up over the next few weeks.

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Meanwhile, the league's priorities include figuring out what (if anything) to do about the Rooney Rule, as well as evaluating the COVID-19 protocols and if they need to do anything about overtime.

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