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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers speaks, says nothing

While Rodgers’ words of gratitude were sincere, anyone expecting a decision on his future was left disappointed


After a lengthy and poetic Instagram post Monday night, many thought Aaron Rodgers was ready to announce his decision on the 2022 season.

When Pat McAfee teased a “huge” guest on his Tuesday show which was later confirmed to indeed be Rodgers, an announcement was all but assumed.

Then Rodgers started talking and quickly put out the fire that any decision was coming on Tuesday, much to the chagrin of Packers fans and media. On the surface it might appear to be a troll job for the ages and something Rodgers would totally enjoy doing, but the quarterback insists it really was just a reflection of gratitude towards people in his life.

Rodgers also once again praised the Packers for doing the work to get the relationship between quarterback and franchise to a much better place and he also singled out coach Matt LaFleur saying two MVPs in three years under the coach was “not coincidental.”

Other than that and mentioning completing a Panchakarma cleanse (don’t google it, trust us), there was not much to be taken from that interview in regards to Rodgers’ future on the field.

While Rodgers certainly has earned the right to make his decision when he is ready, folks are starting to get impatient with free agency a few weeks away and the Packers needing to clear cap space as well as plan their attack this offseason. They can clear some cap space now, but the rest is on hold until Rodgers makes up his mind. The biggest piece in limbo is receiver Davante Adams whose future in Green Bay is likely tied directly to Rodgers.

So now all attention turns to March 8, the final day teams can use the franchise tag. That is when the Packers will either have to have Adams locked up on a new deal, place the tag on him, or let him walk in free agency. Rodgers will have to have his decision known by then as he has said he would not hinder the Packers’ ability to build a roster with or without him.

So while yesterday was a let down for many, the good news is we should have no more than 13 days before we know for sure.

Hang in there, Packers fans.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers deftly avoids tipping his hand about football plans—

That loud thud you heard around noon CT yesterday was the heads of many Packers fans and media members’ heads hitting their desk upon Rodgers almost immediately declaring no decision was coming Tuesday about his future in light of a lengthy instagram post.

Rodgers is playing all of us and we all know it. Unfortunately this is just part of the game and we just have to ride it out.

Report: No contract talks between Packers, Davante Adams since end of season—Packers Wire

This is not necessarily bad news. Remember a year ago when it widely assumed Aaron Jones was all but gone as free agency approached? Well, a deal got done before the market even opened. Adams’ contract will be more complicated but don’t rule out the same scenario playing out again.

Packers sign K Dominik Eberle—

The Packers now currently have three kickers on the roster (Eberle, JJ Molson, and Mason Crosby) but this indicates the Packers very well could move on from Crosby, the last remaining link to the Favre era besides Rodgers. Rich Bisaccia will have to build special teams from the ground up and that could include a new kicker.

Bruce Arians talks up Blaine Gabbert as option to replace Tom Brady in Tampa Bay—

A weakened NFC landscape could be a major luring point for Rodgers and Tampa Bay going from the GOAT to Blaine Gabbert would definitively aid the Packers.

An AirAsia flight was diverted after passengers spotted a snake on their plane—NPR

Where is Samuel L Jackson when you need him?