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Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram

Aaaaaaron Rodgers...Aaron Rodgers' Instagram

WM Phoenix Open - Preview Day 3 Photo by Tracy Wilcox/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

It’s what we refer to at Acme Packing Company as “cryptic instagram season,” where football players mess with fans and media alike by sending out twitter and instagram posts which can and are interpreted in dozens of ways. Aaron Rodgers is no exception and his recent Instagram post caused quite a stir, as it read as equal parts retirement letter, thank you card, and apologia. Aaron explained things in his typical way on the most recent episode of the Pat McAfee show, and while Aaron being Aaron is certainly not unexpected, it’s clear he still enjoys trolling people more than providing useful information.

He did at least provide that Davante Adams’ fate will likely play a role in deciding what he does, which is better than nothing, but this post isn’t about Aaron the football player. It’s about Aaron the influencer, the celebrity, and yes, the man. Please enjoy “Aaron Rodgers' Instagram.”

(Performed to the tune of “White Woman’s Instagram” by Bo Burnham.)