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Packers GM Brian Gutekunst speaks to the media before the combine

“No deadlines. We’re just working together.”

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It’s only February but the Green Bay Packers are already generating headlines on a daily basis. Yesterday, it was that quarterback Aaron Rodgers hadn’t made a decision on his future. Today, it was that the team “touched” defensive tackle Kenny Clark’s contract in a way that cleared up $10 million in cap space for the 2022 season.

In his yearly pre-combine press conference, general manager Brian Gutekunst was asked about all of these topics and more. Below are the notable quotes and topics that were brought up on Wednesday.

On if the team is more or less willing to trade Aaron Rodgers than they were last offseason

Those are kind of some hypotheticals. I don’t think we’re going to go down those roads right now.

On if the team will use the franchise tag on receiver Davante Adams

It’s not something we like to do...not like to do that if we don’t have to. We’d certainly like to come up with a long-term deal that works for both sides.

On if Adams could walk

Yeah, possibly. Again, like I said, there’s a lot of things to be determined there.

On if Rodgers could return without Adams

Again, hypotheticals, but I kind of think everything is open at this point.

On the value of linebackers in Green Bay post-De’Vondre Campbell

I don’t think we’ve not valued that position. I think we’ve always valued that position. Whenever you have a player who plays at [De’Vondre Campbell]’s level, regardless of the position they play, it impacts your team significantly. But as far as undervaluing, I don’t think we ever undervalued the position. I think we were just very fortunate to get Dre in here and kind of let him loose.

On if he has given Rodgers a deadline

No deadlines. We’re just working together. I think the conversations after the season were very impactful and I appreciated them very much...Again, we’re working together. We’re not putting deadlines on anything. There are some timing things that will come into play where we’ll have to make decisions down the road, but Aaron’s well aware of that and, like I said, the communication has been very good.

On Kenny Clark’s restructure

We touched Kenny’s contract and there will be many more that we touch along the way. Again, a lot of it will be as we go and what we need and when we need it.

On if they can keep together the 2021 roster

I don’t see us having to get rid of a bunch of players. We’ll kind of move through that as we go through it, but we have a lot of different options depending on where we head. This isn’t going to be one of those things where it’s a fire sale and we cut a bunch of guys.

On if he’s taking calls on Jordan Love

This isn’t that time. I would be very doubtful that I would take many of those calls to begin with, but this isn’t the time that those calls happen.