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For Cheddar or Wurst: Rodgers’ games and salary cap pains

On the premiere of APC’s newest podcast, we discuss all the good and bad news surrounding the Green Bay Packers as the offseason gets underway

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

For Cheddar or Wurst: a vow every fan makes when declaring their loyalty to the Green and Gold and also a podcast from Acme Packing Company! Your hosts Kris and Lindsay will break down the good and the bad surrounding your Green Bay Packers

They really did it. They took one of Burke’s puns and actually made a show from it.

Welcome to the premiere episode of For Cheddar or Wurst, a Green Bay Packers podcast that discusses the good (Gouda?) and bad news surrounding the Green Bay Packers.

In the first episode, your hosts Kris Burke and APC’s social media manager Lindsay Hansen are joined by former APC social queen Wendi Hansen (yes Lindsay’s sister) to discuss the ongoing Aaron Rodgers news, the coaching staff carousel including Rich Bisaccia who could *GASP!* make the Packers competent on special teams.

They also discuss no news on the Davante Adams contract front and potential upcoming salary camp pain.

It’s the Cheddar, the Wurst, and everything in between on APC’s newest podcast.

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