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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers have reopened their Super Bowl window, but for how long?

Locking up Rodgers for multiple years makes Green Bay a contender for a little longer, but a Davante Adams deal remains to be done

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The ink is dried, breaths have been exhaled, and now the Green Bay Packers can get on with business as usual.

Well, there’s still Davante Adams to deal with but for now the Packers can focus on filling out the rest of the roster and forcing that Super Bowl window open even further now that Rodgers is back for another run.

The question now is for how long can that window stay open?

The simple answer is it’s open as long as Rodgers is in town. Quarterbacks are the great equalizer in the NFL and if you have a generational talent like Rodgers, you’re going to be in the mix every year. Actually getting to the Super Bowl is a different matter as Packers fans can attest, but you go into each season knowing you have a shot is the first step.

A more complicated answer is it depends on what happens with Adams. Logic would dictate that he and the Packers will eventually come to some kind of agreement between now and July when tagged players must agree to a contract. He is not going to come cheap and the Packers have a finite amount of space to work with. He will be the highest paid receiver at some point and how the Packers structure that deal will go a long way towards maximizing their title window.

Rodgers could (in theory) try and twist Adams’ arm into playing under the tag for one year but that doesn’t really help Adams at all. He would still be playing on an under market value salary and it does Green Bay no good not knowing they can keep the best receiver in the league long term.

Deadlines force action and come this summer, one would assume a deal will get done between Adams and the Packers. Until then, fans are going to sweat a little bit.

The window is still open but exactly how far and for how long now rests with Adams instead of Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers’ costly contract gives Packers three-year Super Bowl window— (subscription)

The reports of the demise of the Green Bay Packers appear to have been greatly exaggerated. Rodgers being back in the fold for more than one year means more pain for the NFC North and a few more swings at another Lombardi Trophy.

What Aaron Rodgers’ contract means for Jordan Love’s future with the Packers—ESPN

The drafting of Jordan Love is what sparked a good chunk of tension between Rodgers and the Packers and with the four-time MVP now locked up for more than one year, what is going to happen with the young backup? A trade remains possible but Green Bay will certainly net a negative return given the first round pick they used on him.

Is Rasul Douglas Still in Packers’ Plans?—Sports Illustrated

Reports of Rasul Douglas being “expected” back in Green Bay got fans all excited but not only has he not signed a new deal, that expectation of a return may have changed per Bill Huber.

Packers awarded two compensatory picks in 2022 NFL Draft—

Losing Jamaal Williams and Corey Linsley a year ago have netted Green Bay and extra fourth and seventh round pick in next month’s draft.

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If I were this guy, I’d take up a safer hobby like maybe bowling or something.