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Green Bay Packers now sixth in 2022 NFL Draft capital after Davante Adams trade

Only the Jacksonville Jaguars have more draft selections in April’s draft.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

There are many ways to measure draft capital, with the most popular being Jimmy Johnson’s trade chart from his days with the Dallas Cowboys, simply because it was widely available before more nuanced studies came about. Brad Spielberger and Jason Fitzgerald’s draft value chart, which attempts to find a better correlation between draft slots and future compensation, gives more weight to later picks in a way that mimics a more realistic market in the league today.

The Spielberger and Fitzgerald chart, following the trade of receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders for the team’s first- and second-round picks, would have the Packers’ draft capital at 7,433 points, good for sixth among NFL teams as it stands today. For reference, the teams who have more draft capital than Green Bay going into the 2022 draft are the New York Jets (9,432), Jacksonville Jaguars (8,892), New York Giants (8,855), Philadelphia Eagles (8,664) and Detroit Lions (7,915). Those five teams combined for a collective record of 23-61-1 in 2021, while the Packers were able to acquire this draft capital after a 13-4 season.

The table below shows where every team in the NFL ranks in 2022 NFL Draft capital on March 18th.

2022 NFL Draft Capital

Rank Team Draft Capital
Rank Team Draft Capital
1 New York Jets 9432
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 8892
3 New York Giants 8855
4 Philadelphia Eagles 8664
5 Detroit Lions 7915
6 Green Bay Packers 7433
7 Baltimore Ravens 7258
8 Houston Texans 6841
9 Seattle Seahawks 6741
10 Atlanta Falcons 6482
11 Cleveland Browns 6029
12 Dallas Cowboys 5554
13 Minnesota Vikings 5274
14 Kansas City Chiefs 5185
15 New Orleans Saints 5126
16 Buffalo Bills 5092
17 Miami Dolphins 4983
18 Denver Broncos 4813
19 Indianapolis Colts 4796
20 Los Angeles Chargers 4745
21 New England Patriots 4732
22 Cincinnati Bengals 4497
23 Chicago Bears 4302
24 Arizona Cardinals 4299
25 San Francisco 49ers 4233
26 Pittsburgh Steelers 4211
27 Carolina Panthers 4078
28 Tennessee Titans 4057
29 Washington Commanders 4024
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3875
31 Los Angeles Rams 2779
32 Las Vegas Raiders 2371

The Spielberger and Fitzgerald chart would value the 22nd overall pick (Raiders’ first-rounder) at 1,434 points and the 53rd overall pick (Raiders’ second-rounder) at 988 points. Combined, the trade package for Adams, aside from the north of $20 million saved on the salary cap, comes out to 2,442 points, roughly the value of the third overall pick (2,443.)

Whether you liked the Adams trade or not, you can’t claim that too many teams are better suited going into the draft than the Packers, who have two picks in each of the first, second and fourth rounds of the 2022 draft. The Raiders, meanwhile, rank last in the league in the metric following the Adams trade.