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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers need to turn their attention to offense

The Packers have retained their defensive talent in free agency. It’s time to focus on offense.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

To me, team building is one of the most interesting aspects of following the NFL. How a given team is constructed is fascinating, and this offseason has presented an interesting case study in Green Bay.

After the team’s season-ending loss to the 49ers, the discussion around the Packers centered around two big questions: should (or would, given his say in the matter) the Packers retain Aaron Rodgers, and what should they do if he stays?

We knew that retaining Rodgers would free up some cap space, but I don’t think anybody anticipated what came next: the Packers used virtually all their space to bring back their defensive talent. Even after clearing enough space to bring Davante Adams back on the franchise tag, the Packers dealt their star receiver to the Raiders. If you believe the reporting about what Aaron Rodgers knew of the deal concerning Adams and when he knew it, that plan was apparently in the works for a while, too. The plan all along, it seems, was to spend on the defense.

That’s a fascinating approach, regardless of whether it’s right or not. The Packers still have holes on offense — holes we knew about months ago. That it’s late March and they haven’t addressed them in any substantive way is equally fascinating, and it adds some stakes to next month’s NFL Draft that wouldn’t have been there — or at least not quite in the same way — had the Packers spent anything at all on offense to this point.

The Packers can still address some of their offensive holes prior to the draft, but no matter what they decide, the story of the 2022 Packers roster is already an interesting one.

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