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Monday Cheese Curds: Rodgers Watch enters the final countdown

It shouldn’t be long before Rodgers makes his 2022 plans known (we hope).

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The clock is ticking for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers and we still don’t know what is going to happen when the clock strikes 00:00.

With just over 24 hours remaining before Green Bay has to decide whether or not to franchise tag wide receiver Davante Adams and what Rodgers chooses to do will have a big impact on how the team approaches negotiations with their star receiver.

Predictions on what exactly Rodgers will do have been all over the place. Some thought he was retiring after his MVP acceptance speech last month then some of the moves the Packers began to make in regards to the cap started to point the arrow towards him returning. That trend continued to gain traction until this weekend when reports came out that Rodgers was “truly torn” about where to play next seaso

The most recent report could very well just be Rodgers toying with the media and ensuring the Packers truly will make the moves he wants them to make or he could very well be uncertain. Regardless, Rodgers has said publicly multiple times he won’t drag his decision out so as to not hamper the Packers from doing what they need to do and with the tag deadline tomorrow and free agency starting next week, time is almost up.

Should Rodgers decide to leave or retire, no logical person can fault the Packers for not trying their best. The relationship between team and player is a full 180 degrees from where it was a year ago and Green Bay deserves credit for changing how they operate and acquire talent as well as patching things up with Rodgers.

As tortuous as this wait has been, it should be nearing its conclusion in the next couple days. Personally, I’m ready for it just to be over and at this point I truly don’t care what he chooses to do.

Hang in there, friends. The end is coming soon, this time for sure. We think.

The Packers are putting their future on hold until Aaron Rodgers decides on his— (subscription)

Is Rodgers holding the Packers hostage or are they just doing the courteous thing for their franchise quarterback? The Packers have just over a week to get to the salary cap and what path Rodgers chooses will map how the Packers get there. It’s just that if Rodgers continues to drag this out, Green Bay would need to financially scramble to get into cap compliance by the 16th.

Jaire Alexander, Packers resume negotiations on contract extension—

Getting Jaire Alexander under contract long-term would help ease immediate cap pain as well as keep a star in town for years to come. This is definitely welcome news for Packers fans.

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Packers president Mark Murphy discusses the team playing a home game in London next year and mentions the team will still have eight games at Lambeau Field thanks to the new 17-game schedule. He also gave an update on the team’s new football facility that should be ready for training camp in 2023.

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The scouting combine wrapped up this weekend and draft season has officially commenced. Here’s a look at who stood out at the combine at positions the Packers need to address in April.

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