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Aaron Rodgers to pair up with Tom Brady for June’s The Match

They’ll be facing off against fellow NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Cheryl Evans/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is expected to miss the team’s offseason program, which began today. On Monday, it was announced that one of the last few free days of Rodgers’ summer break will be spent participating in The Match, a golf foursome that will feature fellow NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, on the first of June.

Brady made the announcement on Twitter after alluding to the soon-to-be-announced players on Easter. Some Packers fans will remember that last summer, during the peak of #RodgersWatch, Rodgers linked up with golfer Bryson DeChambeau versus Brady and Phil Mickelson in last year’s version of the event. Rodgers and DeChambeau came away as victors in Big Sky, Montana in that matchup. This time, though, Brady and Rodgers will be teammates as they face off against a younger, cross-conference pair of quarterbacks.

While this year’s event should be less interesting for non-golf-viewing Packers fans, as they won’t be holding their breath to hear what Rodgers says in interviews between holes, it could be fun to watch this NFC-AFC quarterback duel. The Match will be played on June 1st at the Wynn Golf Club on the Vegas strip and will be broadcast on TNT.