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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Happy NFL Draft Eve, Packers fans!

Syndication: PackersNews Sarah Kloepping/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

A very merry NFL Draft eve to one and all!

In approximately 36 hours, we will finally know what the Green Bay Packers did with some of the draft capital they acquired in the Davante Adams trade. It will mark the end of almost two months of speculation and we can finally see what Green Bay has in mind at receiver (should they take one, which is no certainty).

The arrival of the draft marks the merciful end of mock draft season for those who have grown tired of seeing them on their social media timeline and the beginning of seeing the 2022 roster take shape. We will finally have some answers.

For the Packers, there are so many theories about what they will or won’t do that they’ve truly become possibly the most unpredictable team in the first round. They have enough ammunition to move up or back and they could also stay put. In terms of positions targeted, they’ve been predicted to take receivers to offensive linemen to pass rushers to defensive linemen.

The bottom line as you peruse your final mock drafts today: nobody knows and don’t trust anyone who says they do know.

There will be so much smoke blowing today an advisory might need to be issued. Remember all the noise about Green Bay taking a wide receiver in round one of 2020? We remember how that turned out.

The best advice would be to relax, enjoy the final full day of draft hype and get ready for a fun night tomorrow.

Oh, and #TrustGute.

Loaded with ammunition, the Packers are one of the NFL’s most unpredictable teams entering this draft– (subscription)

The sheer amount of possibilities make this an exciting yet nerve wracking time for a Packers fan. This could be the most consequential draft Green Bay has had in a long time and if things go south, they could be in some trouble especially when Aaron Rodgers leaves.

Pre-draft picture: Packers see boundless potential in deep secondary—

Keeping the secondary together allows the Packers to put more attention on the defensive front. An edge rusher and a defensive lineman are almost certain to be among the draft class.

Ideal WR options for the Packers in each round of the 2022 NFL draft—Packes Wire

One or more wide receivers will also more than likely be taken by Green Bay, but when? Thankfully there are options all over the board though an early prospect would seem to be ideal.

Charles Davis 2022 NFL mock draft 3.0: Drake London first of seven WRs selected–

It’s looking like Green Bay will have to trade up to get Chris Olave judging by all the recent mock drafts but George Karlaftis at 28 would be a home run. I just don’t like grabbing Dotson at 22.

Woman rescued after falling in toilet trying to get phone–Associated Press

May you all avoid a similar fate when you’re following the draft life while you’re on the toilet. Enjoy the draft everyone!