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Thursday Cheese Curds: Packers need to be prepared for chaos

Chaos can help teams willing to embrace it.

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I don’t know much about Game of Thrones. I missed the boat on the early wave of interest, and by the time I really had time to pay attention it was lurching toward it’s (apparently) unsatisfying conclusion.

It was (is?) such a big cultural force that I couldn’t really escape the references and quotes that filtered out. A couple of them really speak to me around the draft, especially the one about the character named Jon not knowing anything.

I also like the extended bit about chaos being a ladder for those willing to climb it, and I think those come pretty close to being words to live by for the Packers this year.

Most of what you read (to the extent that it’s worth anything at all) points to most, if not all, of the blue chip receivers being off the board by the time the Packers are ready to pick at 22. But things rarely go according to projections, and if history is a lesson, we can pretty much rest assured that things are going to get wild tonight.

The Packers have to be ready to climb the ladder of chaos in the first round. I wouldn’t normally be in favor of a trade up, but with as much draft capital as they have, that might be the best option, especially if this draft starts to go sideways.

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