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Thursday Cheese Curds: Projecting the Packers’ performance for 2022

Guessing who’s going to be good in 2022 is pointless, harmless fun.


It’s May and sports media has nothing else to do, so it’s time to start projecting roles.

We can’t be too hard on the Take Industrial Complex. The NFL is still months away from meaningful games, so if you want to talk about the sport, you’ve more or less got no other option than to just guess at what you think will happen this season. So guess we will.

And that guessing process can be interesting. Our first headline today focuses on some of the unique talents Devonte Wyatt brings to the Packers’ defense. The possibility of pairing those tantalizing attributes with Kenny Clark’s speed and power is too good to ignore.

Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt. Anybody can look good in shorts and a t-shirt, and in the land of potential and hypotheticals everyone has unlimited upside. But when the reps are real, we’ll find out very quickly how much of our projection was wasted.

First-round pick Devonte Wyatt brings ‘some things you can’t teach’ to Packers’ defense |

Everybody seems to love Wyatt’s potential as a powerful pass rusher.

Shawn Davis has right combination of traits to compete for Packers’ third safety spot | Packers Wire

Shawn Davis made a small cameo on the Packers’ 53-man roster last year, but somebody’s going to have to be their third safety. It might as well be him.

Projecting Packers’ Top Wideout | Football Outsiders

In the wake of Davante Adams’ departure, someone is going to have to take over as the Packers’ top dog at receiver. But who?

NFL’s top 11 offenses in 2022? Bills, Chargers and Bengals produce highest win-share projections |

The Packers rank among the top 11 offenses, but whether you think their ranking in this list is high or low probably depends on what you think of their revamped receiver room.

Wisconsin man marks 50 years of daily Big Mac meals | UPI

A coworker of mine interviewed this guy a while back and he was extremely chill. He just likes Big Macs a lot!