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Thursday Cheese Curds: What does Aaron Rodgers think?

No NFL player inspires as much pearl clutching as Aaron Rodgers.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Ever since Ron Wolf flipped a first-round pick for a guy with a last name nobody could pronounce, the Packers have been defined by their quarterbacks. Every evaluation of their roster centered on the interplay between the quarterback and the rest of the team.

In that light, it’s easy to see why every member of the media approaches everything the Packers do from the perspective of what Aaron Rodgers thinks about it. He is, after all, their best and most important player, and he spent a good portion of the 2021 calendar year suggesting he should have more input on the roster.

But there seems to be this weird underlying assumption that Rodgers hates everything the Packers do. Maybe I just read too much (any amount) of Mike Florio, but it hardly seems limited to him. You couldn’t scroll for 30 seconds last Friday without finding some take on how Rodgers must be truly beside himself after the Packers didn’t take a receiver in the first round — despite Rodgers himself seeming basically okay with things in an appearance on Pat McAfee’s show last Thursday night.

Maybe Rodgers is secretly harboring tremendous resentment and anxiety over the state of the Packers’ roster. Maybe he wishes the Packers would have traded their entire draft to go get one of the consensus top receivers this year.

Or maybe nobody knows anything because Rodgers isn’t telling — and we should all just chill out.

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