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For Cheddar or Wurst: Packers give Sherlock Rodgers his Watson

In the newest episode, Kris and Lindsay breakdown the draft class including the big trade for a wide receiver and what holes still remain on the Packers roster after the draft/

Syndication: SiouxFalls Briana Sanchez / Argus Leader

Aaron Rodgers has been called one of the most brilliant minds to ever play quarterback in the National Football League. One could say he’s the Sherlock Holmes of quarterbacks and with every Holmes, there is a Dr. Watson.

One week ago, the Green Bay Packers got their Sherlock quarterback his own Watson both literally and figuratively.

In the newest episode of For Cheddar or Wurst, Kris Burke and Lindsay Hansen wax poetic about the Packers’ 2022 draft class including the big trade to get NDSU wide receiver Christian Watson. The prospect is a very tantalizing option for Rodgers but did he come at too high of a cost? It’s too soon to tell but hopefully come February, Rodgers is holding a Lombardi and looking into a camera saying “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Kris and Lindsay also examine the rest of the draft class including the two first round picks that turn Green Bay’s defense into arguably one of the scariest in the league as well as the shellacking Brian Gutekunst put on the rest of the league in day three.

WIth every draft class there are also question marks and this one makes us wonder if Green Bay should have taken a safety sooner than the 7th and the overall depth concerns.

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