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Thursday Cheese Curds: Long snappers are people, too

Jack Coco is getting an opportunity to live out a football dream

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There are two obvious points related to training camp that bear repeating: not everyone who plays in the NFL is a star, but every NFL opportunity could be life-changing.

I’m ripping that description straight out of our first headline today because it’s true. Even for long snappers like Jake Coco, who will never go on to be a star in the NFL even if he’s the greatest ever at his position, the chance to play in the NFL could literally change his life.

It’s easy to forget things like that. Most of our interactions with NFL football players are pretty dehumanized. They’re names on our fantasy football rosters or handles on Twitter or news items on the ESPN ticker.

But they’re people, too, and a lot of them are just guys trying their best to make the most of literally the biggest moment of their lives so far.

That’s the situation Jack Coco faces heading into training camp this year, and he’s hardly alone. There are many other players like him in Green Bay and hundreds more throughout the league.

I’m not saying you’re obligated to root for the underdog or anything, but it’s always worth remembering that football players are people first and players second, and the things that end up being news fodder for us could be life-altering events for them.

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