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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Questions about Jaire Alexander aren’t going away

Until the Packers have a solid defensive game, they’re going to face questions about how they used their star corner.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Packers lost in Week 1, the vague and unconvincing answers about their performance are rolling out of press conferences left and right, and there’s another divisional game bearing down on us. Football is back, baby!

Why wasn’t Green Bay Packers star Jaire Alexander on WR Justin Jefferson during his 184-yard game? | ESPN

“Because we play zone defense” is the apparent answer here, which isn’t super satisfying.

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Mike Spofford takes a look at Zach Tom and concludes the rookie did pretty well in his debut.

Packers stock watch: Who is up, who is down after Week 1 loss? | Packers Wire

Some names on both ends of the spectrum here might surprise you.

Patrick Mahomes Threatens Opening Day Records | Football Outsiders

Some teams didn’t lay an egg in their opener, and the Chiefs were one of them.

Caleb Jones’ father’s soul food restaurant, ‘His Place Eatery,’ lives up to the hype

You’ve no doubt had this great look at Caleb Jones’ dad’s restaurant bookmarked since we first dropped it, but given that the big man is now on the active roster, it’s worth a re-read.

Ty Cobb’s dentures up for auction online | UPI

I get the appeal of some kinds of memorabilia, but buying dead people’s personal belongings is kind of weird (looking at you, Darren Rovell).