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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Scheme rigidity dooms Packers defense yet again

Packers fans have seen this story before. Hopefully Joe Barry learns and adapts


Fans of the Green Bay Packers thought they were past this phase but after Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings, it might be back.

The phase we refer to is that of major strategic miscues on the part of the defensive coordinator. After suffering years of Dom Capers playing too much soft zone and Mike Pettine dropping linebackers in coverage, fans witnessed the same mistakes again on Sunday.

This time it was Joe Barry who was the responsible party and he clearly will need to make some adjustments to fix the issues. His predecessors did not. Will he?

He’d better. Otherwise the hype train that was the Packers defense this off-season will derail and explode into a fireball that probably won’t even be extinguished by the tears of heartbroken Packers fans.

When it comes to Packers’ defensive game plans, being creative is better than being stubborn— (subscription)

You fit your scheme around your opponent’s strength, not vice versa. Barry was guilty of that on Sunday and a repeat offense will be inexcusable especially against a much less talented receiver group in the Chicago Bears.

Aaron Rodgers’ season will be defined by his patience—FOX Sports

The defense wasn’t the only guilty party on Sunday. Rodgers is notorious for putting young wide receivers in the doghouse after a miscue but he can’t afford to be that petty this season. Christian Watson’s drop was indeed bad but he also had other chances in the game where Rodgers simply didn’t throw him the ball.

Packers Hopeful Quay Walker Will Be Ready for Bears—Packer Central

Quay Walker made his presence known right away by showing off his speed. Hopefully he’ll be ready against Chicago.

Dope Sheet: Packers and Bears play in prime time—

The Packers and Bears are a hot ticket for television networks despite the rivalry being very one-sided in recent years.

Rabies alert issued over raccoon taken into North Dakota bar—Associated Press

So that white foam around the animal’s mouth was not from the beer after all.