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Aaron Jones had a rare performance in Week 2

The Packers haven’t seen stat lines like Aaron Jones put up against the Bears all that often

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Aaron Jones had a day to remember against the Chicago Bears. The 27-year-old running back churned out 170 yards from scrimmage and scored twice, one on a nifty pin-and-pull sweep and the other on a quick push pass from Aaron Rodgers.

Clearly, that’s a pretty darn good game, but you may not have realized exactly how rare that kind of performance is.

According to Stathead, a Packers player has had 170 or more yards and two touchdowns just 22 times since 1950. Jones has had five of those 22 games, and he’s the only player other than Ahman Green to do it more than three times.

Even more impressively, Jones only needed 18 touches to make it happen. That’s not as good as the ultra-efficient performances from Antonio Freeman, who only needed seven catches to break 170 yards and score two touchdowns in two monster games during the 1998 season, the first against the San Francisco 49ers, the second against the Tennessee Oilers before they rebranded. Freeman also hit those marks on just nine touches during the 1996 season, while Javon Walker and Davante Adams did it on 11 and 13 catches, respectively.

But restricting the conversation to backs, only Paul Hornung has cleared 170 yards and two touchdowns on fewer touches than Jones. In 1965, Hornung put up 176 yards and a whopping five touchdowns on just 17 touches as the Packers hammered the Baltimore Colts.

Jones’ future in Green Bay is anything but clear. His contract gets difficult after this season, so it’s possible that we’re seeing some of his last games with the Green Bay Packers. If that’s the case, he’s not leaving much on the table, and he’ll continue to establish himself as one of the great backs in Packers history if he can keep putting up big numbers like this.