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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Matt LaFleur prepares for in-season tweaks

The Packers’ head coach is preparing to make a couple of changes that he hopes will help the Packers find more consistency.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Saying the first three weeks of the 2022 season has been a mixed bag is putting it mildly. An emphatic loss, a fairly dominant win, and a grimy, grind-it-out quasi-revenge game will give you that kind of feeling.

But it’s a long season, and sooner or later the Packers’ will level out a bit. At least, you’d hope.

In-season adjustments are hard to nail down, but they definitely play a factor in long-term performance. This week, head coach Matt LaFleur is talking through two big in-season adjustments that he hopes will help the Packers find a bit more consistency.

Will they? That’s anybody’s guess. But at least the Packers aren’t embodying the definition of insanity. In a league where too many things persist because teams have just always done them that way, that’s progress. It’s a low bar, but at least the Packers are clearing it.

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