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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Romeo Doubs assumes command

It’s just like old times: a player wearing 87 is making big plays for the Packers

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Tired of Romeo Doubs content?

First, too bad. Second, who hurt you?

After a performance Green Bay Packers fans could see coming since training camp, Doubs has emerged as the top target for Aaron Rodgers after just three games.

You don’t find consistency like his much in young receivers, let alone players in their first year in the NFL. Eight targets, eight catches and his first touchdown. If that isn’t enough to get Aaron Rodgers looking his way more, then we don’t know what will be.

Being a camp star and a regular season dud happens frequently in the NFL (hello Matt Schaub) so Doubs deserves plenty of praise as a rookie for carrying success into September and soon October. Even when Sammy Watkins returns from injured reserve, does anyone really think Doubs will relinquish his spot in the lineup?

I don’t think so.

The wide receiver room is now star crossed and Romeo is the sun, not Juliet.

Romeo Doubs winning over Packers’ offense with consistency—

Winning over? I’d argue he’s fully won them over. The second iteration of a Green Bay #87 destroying secondaries has commenced.

Rudy Ford and Keisean Nixon making huge difference on Packers punt coverage unit—Packers Wire

It’s amazing what happens when you sign guys specifically for their special teams abilities instead of other areas and HOPING they can also play special teams.

Former Packers, Rams OLB Clay Matthews announces ‘playing days are over’—

Clay Matthews rides off into the sunset in quieter way than we would have thought after how his career started in Green Bay. Still, the guy is a Packers legend and his forced fumble of Rashard Mendenhall in Super Bowl XLV stemmed the Steelers’ momentum.

Why the Packers have already won the Davante Adams trade—Lombardi Ave.

This is probably still too early to declare this outright but you can’t argue with the current results. Adams is on an 0-3 team and is being targeted far less than he was in Green Bay. Meanwhile the Packers offense is still struggling but the upside is clear with the rebuilt receiver room in Adams’ absence.

Message in a bottle travels more than 100 miles across Lake Michigan—UPI

Know what it said inside the bottle? ‘Romeo Doubs is a hall of famer’