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Packers Film Room, Week 3: The Romeo Doubs Show

Green Bay gave Doubs a bunch of schemed looks with the goal to get the ball in his hands

Green Bay Packers rookie wide receiver Romeo Doubs has been snagging headlines since training camp. Now, the 4th round receiver is snagging passes from quarterback Aaron Rodgers in meaningful regular season games. In week 3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Doubs compiled eight catches for 73 yards and touchdown in the absence of receivers Christian Watson and Sammy Watkins.

A lot of Doubs’ targets came on schemed looks with the specific design to get him the ball. Rodgers clearly trusts him and he’s become more involved in Green Bay’s gameplan.

RPOs out of Stack Formations

Doubs’ first NFL touchdown came on a stacked formation on Tampa Bay’s six-yard line. Wide receiver Allen Lazard was the point man with Doubs offset behind him. Lazard is a critical component to the play. He’s in charge of rubbing the defender lined up over him and preventing the defense from tracking Doubs slicing underneath. The Packers have a run call going the other direction if they don’t like the defensive alignment.

Doubs scored on this first look, but that wasn’t the only time the Packers ran the stacked formation RPO. The Packers ran the exact same play on the other side of the formation in their next trip into the redzone. Both have the explicit goal of getting Doubs the ball with the chance to score.

Split Zone Flood Concepts

Green Bay has increasingly used receivers to come across the formation on their flood concepts. Against Tampa Bay, that receiver was Romeo Doubs. The Packers sell run fake the opposite direction with Doubs crossing behind the line of scrimmage after the snap. It gives the Packers a dynamic player in the flats and forces the defense to track him across the field.


We saw the Packers use Sammy Watkins on the Yankee concept in last week’s win against the Chicago Bears. This week, that role belonged to Romeo Doubs. Yankee is a two-man route concept with a dig from one side of the field and a post from the other. Doubs had two catches on the concept.

It’s clear that Green Bay trusts Doubs to be a focal point of the offense. His next steps are to become a plus in the run game when tight to the formation and combatting physical corners. He’s finding space in the scheme and slowly becoming more proficient in creating separation. It looks like the Packers might have found something special in their 4th round receiver.